You’ve landed that big client contract that you’ve been working tirelessly on.

It’s time to celebrate with an ice-cold beer. Let’s plan your well-deserved, and much needed, family vacation that you’ve been dreaming about for months.

Are you ready to wind down with sandy toes and a good book while the kids frolic in crystal clear waters?

Your dream family vacation spending checklist

  • Flights for a family of four: $2,000
  • Dreamy beach-side resort: $4,000
  • New beach-ready wardrobe: $1,000
  • Uber to the airport: $100
  • Last-minute airport purchases, like forgotten sunscreen, diapers, and that book you’ve been meaning to read: $100
  • Ice creams and cocktails to keep you cool: $500
  • Nightly fine dining, you do enough cooking at home: $2,100
  • Day trips making memories: $2,000
  • A massage, or two, to make sure you’re fully relaxed and rejuvenated: $500

All in, you’ll need to spend $12,300.

Making memories for the whole family that will last a lifetime isn’t cheap, but it’s priceless.

What’s holding you back?

Are you considering what else you could be doing with your hard earned money?

What if Save converted your vacation spending into an investment?

All you need to do is use your Save Debit Invest Card for all of your vacation spending. You are then ensuring that the money you worked so hard to make will work for you.

For every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases with your Save Debit Invest Card, Save will invest $1 on your behalf. This means that the $12,300 that you spend on your dream vacation will be matched by Save who will invest $12,300 into your designated portfolio.

Let’s bring your family vacation spending & investment to life

  • You open a Save Debit Invest Card today HERE.
  • There are three investment strategies to choose from. Let’s say that you choose the Moderate strategy when you open your account.
  • You spend $12,300 on your dream vacation.
  • Save invests $12,300 on your behalf into the Moderate strategy for one year.
  • In one year’s time, Save pays you the return achieved by the Moderate strategy directly into your Save debit account.
  • If the average annual return after fees, of 2.99%*, is achieved, this would mean a cash reward of $368.

And there’s more!

Your investment potential isn’t capped, so if your chosen strategy generates a higher return, you will benefit from this outperformance. The actual return you make could be higher or lower than the average annual return. What you make depends on how the investment strategy performs during the year of your investment after the deduction of Save’s management fee. If the strategy makes a loss, you won’t suffer any penalty, you simply won’t earn a return for that monthly spend.

Stop dreaming, celebrate your successes and turn your vacation into an investment so your next vacation is even better!

*Average annual returns are based on hypothetical back-tested performance. Hypothetical back-tested performance is no guarantee of future performance and actual results will vary. Returns are subject to change daily. Minimum return will always be at least 0%. All return figures shown are for informational purposes only and are not actual customer returns. For more detailed information please see Hypothetical Back-testing.

Emma Wright, Financial Coach, Chartered Financial Planner, founder of Emma Wright Coaching.

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