What’s inside your wallet?


Let’s take a look!

That dollar bill in your wallet is an asset that you will inevitably exchange for something else of value.

When you buy an investment, each type of investment is classed as an ASSET. The price you pay reflects its value.

When you own your home, then your home becomes your asset; when you own your car, your car becomes your asset; etc. The reason you buy an asset is that you’re expecting to receive a benefit or a potential reward from owning it.

The concept of receiving a potential future reward is why you become an investor. The purpose of investing is to hold assets that you expect will provide a return over time.

What happens when you group similar assets together?

You create an asset class. For example, your home would be considered part of the ‘Real Estate’ asset class.

There are 5 main asset classes when investing

  1. Treasuries – often classified as the safe haven, money you lend to the Government in return for fixed interest.
  2. Bonds – money you lend to a company in return for fixed interest. Bonds tend to be less risky than Equities and Commodities.
  3. Equities – own a company’s stock in return for a share in the company’s performance and capital growth.
  4. Real Estate– ownership in residential or commercial property in return for capital growth and potential rental income.
  5. Commodities – a raw material, such as gold, coffee, wheat, oil, etc.

Each asset class provides a different type of benefit from the other, but each one can generate a potential financial reward.

What else is inside your wallet?

Your Save Debit Invest Card! This is your gateway to investing into even more asset classes simply by spending your money each month.

When you spend using your Save Debit Invest Card, for every $1 you spend on qualified purchases, Save will invest $1 into your chosen investment strategy.

There are three investment strategies to choose from. Each strategy will invest into multiple asset classes on your behalf. For example, the Conservative strategy currently includes the following asset classes:

Source: Save, 12 July 2021

Let’s bring this to life

Imagine you renovate your home, which costs $30,000. Not only is the value of your home likely to rise once the work is complete, but if you use your Save Debit Invest Card for all of your renovation spendings, Save will invest another $30,000 on your behalf. This means that the $30,000 you spent also gives you access to lots of other valuable asset classes in one single transaction.

Your Save Debit Invest Card is therefore yet another asset you can keep inside your wallet.

To get your Save Debit Invest Card today visit: https://signup.joinsave.com/personal-info

Emma Wright, Financial Coach, Chartered Financial Planner, founder of Emma Wright Coaching.


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