University of Houston Graduate Students Join Save’s Development and Security Teams

This summer, University of Houston students Nilesh Dikhale and Aditya Pendse will gain startup culture experience before entering their final school year.

This summer, University of Houston students Nilesh Dikhale and Aditya Pendse will work alongside the development and IT security teams, respectively, to gain startup culture experience before entering their final year in graduate school.

As Save continues development on improving our systems and product offerings, Nilesh and Aditya will help the team execute our newest product offerings, including the Wealth Card and Market Savings account, and ensure they’re secure.

For both University of Houston graduate students, the startup environment is an appeal because of the opportunities to own and manage a diverse range of responsibilities. More specifically, Nilesh particularly was impressed with the platform and the accounts themselves.

“Save captivated me with its visionary idea about creating a savings platform that will be beneficial for regular people, as well as improving their financial wellbeing,” Nilesh said. “Secondly, Save’s culture thrives on continuously improving their products and providing the best experience to their customers and this aligns with my goals of exploring ways to improve continuously.”

In his studies at the University of Houston, Nilesh is focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence and his previous projects focused on connecting databases, handling multi-threaded applications, and working with data structures. He also has nearly 5 years of experience as a software developer working in Java, Oracle, SQL, Spring Framework, and Spring Boot technologies.

“I wish to explore and learn the investment domain and how Save fits in that domain,” Nilesh said when asked what he hopes to learn from his internship with Save. “Also, I feel there are a lot of opportunities to learn from in various aspects of software development. I want to study and gain knowledge in the development process and implement the knowledge I get.”

Aditya looks forward to “exploring the diversity of responsibilities concept, which I might’ve missed out on in a Fortune 500 company.”

“Additionally, the possibility of working on almost everything that touches the information security domain was insightful,” Aditya said. “I also want to create cybersecurity policies, procedures, and security reviews; learn about the workings of governance, risk, and compliance domains; work collaboratively with software developers to go deeper into the DevSecOps approach; lastly, carry out configurational changes on various platforms to mitigate the security vulnerabilities.”

The University of Houston graduate students are joining Save along with Rice University’s Durga Parulekar, Yifei Ren, and Anusha Muddapati.

Durga, Yifei, and Anusha are all completing their Master of Computer Science degrees at Rice University and will join Save’s team of developers to build out the technology Save runs on and more efficiently utilize Save’s internal data.

Durga and Yifei will use their experiences across these topics to help the development team build out additional portals for Save’s customer support and development teams to better serve our customers and troubleshoot issues when there are any. With Anusha’s data scientist background, she will focus on how to best utilize the internal data Save has to improve the Save app and online dashboard’s performance, as well as connect with potential customers online while working on the marketing team’s paid strategy goals.

Save continues to invest in the professional development of local Houston students. If you’re interested in Save’s future positions, follow us on LinkedIn.

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