How the Wealth Card’s return potential can cover the annual fee

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The world’s first high-yield credit card packs a lot of value. Find out how the return potential makes it worth a spot in your wallet despite the annual fee. Customers deserve better economic value from their credit cards.  That’s why Save is partnering with Visa to launch its first credit card — the Save Wealth Card.   Instead of offering cashback or air miles, the Wealth Card replaces rewards with investments. With an annual return potential of 6%¹ on every single purchase, your earning potential exceeds what leading premium credit card rewards programs deliver (Figure 1).  Figure 1: Comparison between the…

How to use credit cards: 6 tips to make yours work for you

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When used responsibly, credit cards are a convenient and secure way to manage your cash flow, build strong credit, and earn rewards from your everyday spending.  Unfortunately, credit cards are often misused. In the second half of 2021, the average U.S. credit card holder had $5,668 in credit card debt.  Read on to learn how to properly manage your credit cards to help you avoid misuse while taking advantage of the many perks it offers.  1. Pay your balance in full  In the third quarter of 2021, Americans carried a balance on 52% of all active credit cards.   Carrying a…

Meet the Save® Premium Wealth card, the world’s first high-yield credit card

Introducing the Save Wealth credit card.
The Save Premium Wealth credit card is expected to have the highest return potential of any premium card available with an average return of 6% annually1 on all purchases with no caps, category restrictions, or minimums. The Wealth credit card will match customers’ spending with investments in personalized portfolios which are expected to include globally diversified allocations, sustainable investments, and alternative assets with managed crypto exposure. After a year, Wealth customers keep all the returns of the investments (minus the Save Wealth management fee of 0.79%), with a minimum return of 0%. The card returns aren’t guaranteed, and the customer may…